Lieutenancy Office

Clerk to the Lieutenancy - Nicola Beach, Chief Executive, Suffolk County Council

Secretary - Sue Bennitt, Lieutenancy & Chairman's Assistant

Contact details for the Lord-Lieutenant

You can contact the Lord-Lieutenant by:

Telephone: 01473 264004

Email: [email protected]

Suffolk Lieutenancy Office

Suffolk County Council

Endeavour House

8 Russell Road





The Lord-Lieutenant should be addressed as:

Written: Clare Countess of Euston, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk

Salutation: 'Dear Lord-Lieutenant' or 'Dear Lady Euston

In a speech: In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant is referred to as 'My Lord-Lieutenant'

Conversation: 'Lady Euston' or 'Lord-Lieutenant'

High Sheriff

If you wish to contact the High Sheriff of Suffolk please use the link below for details of this year’s holder of this historic post: